Problem with default formatting in Chicago Manual of Style #15A

I am using the CMS #15A.  When I format my footnotes, every reference to a journal is formatted incorrectly.  The space that should be after the volume number (i.e. before the open parentheses with the year is missing.  See for example the citation below.  This happens in every single reference to a periodical.  So it seems to be a glitch in the formatting of CMS#15–or at least the version that I have. 

Ben Edwin Perry, “The Greek Source of Rinuccio’s Aesop,” Classical Philology 29(1934): 53-62

I did edit the style output years ago, but I only removed the period that used to come at the end of every citation in the footnotes.  (as you can see in the above reference–no period at the end).  

I don’t know how to fix this.  I have called an EndNote technician and he showed me how to find the information on how to edit output styles.  

But that’s not enough.  I don’t know how to insert a “space” after the volume number.  There are no instructions for how to indicate “space” that I could see.  The font size in the edit box is so tiny that I can barely see the marks at all. 

I don’t want to do something that will mess up my notes as there are 257 of them. 

Thank you for any help.  Was there an update to the CMS#15 that I may have missed? 

I think the best thing to do is to remove the space after the “issue” and add an “link adjacent” between the | and (Year) in the footnote journal article template.  Save as a new name, and then use that newly named output style to format your document.  You can also just insert a regular space there, as it would be highly unusual to not have the year field filled in this ref type, and the link adjacent is to help ensure extraneous spaces and empty parentheses are not included in the output when the field itself is empty (anything surrounded by the | “forced separation” characters).  I am not sure why or if you need both the link adjacent and the forced separation characters, but that is the safest route in my experience. 

For me, in the July version of the CMS15A, this would like like this:

Author, “Title,” review of Reviewed Item, Journal Volume|, no. Issue| (Year)|: Cited Pages|

(I deleted the trailing full stop as well, and the widely spaced “spaces” are all link adjacent, which in endnote looks like a little centered circle, although people with better eyes tell me it is a diamond shape!) 

I attach an image as well.  Which includes a view of the drop-down “insert field” from which you select this “space” 

Leanne, Finally got up the courage to try.  It worked!  thank you.