Why does the preview view differ once the citation in added to foootnote?

I have been playing around with a journal citation. If I don’t put a comma and space after volume then it comes out with the date flush against volume  = vol(1943)

 This is how it now looks in preview below but in the citation I lose the page numbers. Why?  They don’t have anything to do with the other information!  I have this same journal several times and each time it is done differently and semicolon in the date must be default. I don’t know how to make a permanent change. If I take the comma out and leave a space will this be correct?

Vol 11, (1943): 16-24.

Using Chicago manual style. I really don’t understand why this is so difficult. There is no consistency.

I notice preview often changes in footnote. I can’t see how I can change it. I shouldn’t have to. I don’t want to change to v6 too much trouble to change output and already have duplicates I have to cull. I don’t know why this happened. Ended up with four copies for each record.

While looking for a solution I notice someone mentioned that Leanne is answering all the questions and hoped the TR was rewarding her. I hope so too.

Many thanks

I see I asked this same type of question in 2013 march but never did solve it as the tutorial you referred me to Leanne was not relevant in to my style.  I just wish they had more specific and easier information.Thanks 

Also I want to add that  know reference and foonote are different styles. I have another problem…  The publisher and the place published  end up in brackets with no puncuation at all. Yet everythng wuite normal in the reference and everything where it should be.






I don’t know if it’s just me, but it’s not exactly easy to filter out what your issue is exactly.

Maybe if you structured your post a little more and were a little more concise of what you’re trying to do where, you’d get a higher probability of an answer.

I thought this was clear.  In the preview in endnote you can see how a reference it is going to look.(not footnote or endnote)

When it is added to the  document as a footnote the content  is different to the preview.  It is not the difference between a reference and a footnote/endnote . Some information such as publisher is left off the footnote but it is in the actual reference that you can see in endnote preview and also in the reference set up. I will have to post when it happens again. I didnt get this reply until now sespiote ticking the box for replies…

thank you

Are you certain that both Endnote and the Document are set for exactly the same output style?  I have never had this happen.