Problem with endnote toolbar

hi I just deployed EndNote X4.0.2 into our PCs and having 2 problems with the toolbar.

  1. We have lost the CWYW toolbar in Word.

and i am re registering the "“EndNote Cwyw.dll” to make it work.

  1. In some PCs when user goes to insert referance from the endnote toolbar it comes up as file not found. If you do the link from the word document it works fine just not from the toolbar.

thanks you for your help in advance.


I forgot to add that we are using Office 2003.

There’s an FAQ concerning X4 and Word 2003 - and the likelihood of having to manually install the CWYW toolbar in Word.  For the FAQ and instructions on installing the toolbar go to:

If you continue to have problems, suggest you contact tech support (by phone or email):

How did you deploy the upgrade and was 2003 upgraded at the same time (and before or after endnote - as it needs to be after?)

Did you upgrade from a previous version of Endnote?  Which version?  In our experience, upgrading from X  (and maybe X1) to a later version often leaves behind old toolbars or links to the old program that causes problems.  X was installed in user folders which are often not cleanned up, unless the individual user is performing the uninstall.  X2  and later versions install in “all user” folders and the upgrade process goes much smoother.  If this is your problem, reply, and I will dig out the clean up procedures our IT people employed.