EndNote X.7 won't import

Hi, after upgrading to Windows 10, EndNote will no longer import. I attempted to import from WorldCat first by clicking the “Export to EndNote” in the WorldCat web site. The dialogue box opens prompting me what to do with the .RIS file, and I say to “Open in EndNote.” Then EndNote opens, and a dialogue box opens asking what Filter to use, and I select “WorldCat OCLC.” Then nothing happens. I tried it with a variety of my .ENL files as well as with some different filters, but nothing happens.

I turned off my virus protection and added an exception in Firewall, still nothing happens.

I tried saving the .RIS file to my desktop and then from within EndNote, I selected File–>Import. Again when I choose the .RIS file, nothing happens.

It seems to me maybe a settings issue, or something with Windows 10? It worked fine for me in Windows 7 before I upgraded. I also have an older version of EndNote X.4. I tried uninstalling X.7 and using X.4 instead, but again same issue - after selecting “Import”, nothing happens.

Can anyone help here?

WorldCat may have changed the format of the.RIS file’s “tags” such that the Endnote filter cannot read the file. Could you attach a sample of the.RIS file to allow checking of the import filter?

Hi, I’m attaching the .RIS file in hopes that we can resolve the issue! Let me know if you have any thought please. Thanks!

WorldCat_891782923.zip (650 Bytes)

Just in case, I’m also attaching my import filter.

WorldCat (OCLC).enf (18 KB)

Thanks for the files. The reason why the importing process isn’t working is because the tags in both files don’t match. In fact, they’re entirely different (refer to attached image).

Since, however, the data is in an RIS file format you can use Endnote’s “RefMan RIS” import filter. (Tested the import filter and it successfully imported your one record  into Endnote . Note  that you may need to change the default reference type setting before importing any records in order to designate the correct reference type for each record.)

OK, took time off for the weekend, but I was able to test this today, and your solution worked.

Question: is the WorldCat filter ever going to be updated, or should I use the Reference Manager filter indefinitely?

You can file a report/request to technical support to update the import filter. (There used to be a different link to submit such requests but I don’t see it on the site.) Unclear what the turnaround time would be but presumably tech support would get back to you about the matter. In the meantime suggest you continue using the RefMan RIS filter.

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