Problem with in-text citations...


I have Endnote X, Windows XP, and Word 2003. I have a paper I’ve been working on for the last couple of months, and I just realized that all of my in-text endnote citations are not detected by endnote anymore. The text (Author et. al) is still there, but it doesn’t turn grey when it’s clicked on, and neither does the reference section. Exporting a travelling library gives nothing. Is there any way to recover them??Please don’t tell me that the only way is to go back and re-insert them by hand!

Desperate for help,


What type of citation style were you using.  Author, year? 

If so, I would search and replace et al and replace with ,<space>  and search and replace ( for { and ) for }.  Don’t worry about if they are or are not real references.  Now, you should format the manuscript.  Ignore non-reference {delimited} items.  The {Author, YEAR} should match up pretty well, although you might have to pick the correct one, in ANY co-author was listed as a co-author on paper that year.  Now replace all the remaining {} curley parentheses (which are not references) with real ()parentheses.  As you were going thru, you might notice a few references which were 2 author papers, and those you will have to find and fix to the first author, before you switch the curley back to regular parentheses. 

A bit of a pain in the neck, but easier than going thru and reinserting the endnote references themselves.  It is likely you inadvertantly removed field codes?

I suppose…I have no idea how it happened. I looked back and it was in one version of the paper, but not in subsequent versions…Anyways, I ended up just doing it by hand. I had been using APA 5th. What you suggested kind of worked, but it became something called “smart tags?” Much better than by hand - thanks!