Displaying a specific reference type in a different format in the bibliography

I have a PhD student who is using EndNote 20 and the Chicago footnote referencing style. They have created a reference type for Interview. In the bibliography they will categorise their references. For the interviews, they would like these displayed with the first name then family name but in A-Z by family name, the rest of the bibliography will be A-Z by family name with initials; is it possible to change the display in the bibliography for one reference type please? Many thanks.

“Author name” only has one option, BUT there is also the Editor name options which can differ, which the student might be able to repurpose that field using the generic field for “Secondary Author” rather than “Author” for the first/last assuming it doesn’t mess up other reference types in use?  I know it is a long shot, but worth exploring.  You would modify the Reference type (in preferences) to give a useful name to the secondary author field (leave or change the Authorfield name to something else for now). Then you could use the Move tool on the interview records (search for ref type with part of the name of that ref type) so that all the records are showing they want to change).  Then move the Author field contents to the Secondary Author field.  Later they can delete the ref type fieldname of the original “author” generic field. 

Finally they can change the Editor name settings to first last leaving the author settings as last, first with or without initials as needed.  The fields the editor settings apply to are given in the Help under Editor lists and Editor name.