Problem with suppressing author Endnote 4.02 with MS-Word 2004/2007

I upgraded to EndNote 4.02, but now I can’t suppress the author from my in-text references. Over the years I’ve had a lot of problems with CWYW crashing, slowing Word, etc, so I always add temporary refereces with the curly brackets, eg {Marples, 1944 #1441}. When I want to suppress the author, I used to just change the termporary reference to something like {, 1944 #1441} which has always worked fine. Now after upgrading it just does not work. EndNote keeps adding the author. I’ve done it through the Tools>EndNote>Edit Citations… and it does it, but then only temparily. Whenever I reformat the bibliography, it reverts to showing the author. If I unformat the references, I can still see it as {, 1944 #1441}.

I copy/pasted into an RTF and scanned the doc, and still the same problem with the author showing, so it seems to be a problem with X4 and not Word. I also opened the doc in another computer with X3, using the same library from X4, and it worked fine, with the author not showing. I work with a site license and don’t have access to old X3 disks to do a reinstall.


works for me - Endnote 4.0.2 and Word 2003.  Have you checked that your edit preferences haven’t inadvertently been altered to untick the “formatting” setting which says to “omit author/year if omitted from temporary citation”?