problem with upper and lower cases


I have imported a journal reference (RIS import) to my database. Unfortunately the journal title was written in uppercases. Here is the example:

Hout, M./ Brooks, C./ Manza, J. (1995): The Democratic Class Struggle in the United States, 1948-1992, in: AMERICAN SOCIOLOGICAL REVIEW, Vol. 60, S. 805-828

So I tried to change the journal title in “American Sociological Review” but the auto-suggestion is always in uppercases. So I type in the title completely as I want it and voila in the reference it  appears like “American Sociological Review”, but in the preview window and in the bibliography it appears in uppercases again. I tried to delete and retype the reference because it is for now the only reference with these journal, but there is still the auto-suggestion for uppercases.

Hope somebody can help me to fix the problem.


It sounds as if your EndNote preferences are set to automatically add journal names  to the Journals Term list. If entries get into this list in the wrong case or as abbreviations: this is what you will be offered by autocomplete. It is easy to go to edit the Journals Term list, with your EndNote library open, go to Tools, then Open Term List and select Journals term list from the list of options. Find the entry you want to change, and with it highlighted click the “Edit Term …” button, correct the entry in the full title box and then click OK to save changes. Occassionally OK will be grayed out, the easiest way to make it active is to put an abbreviation in the first abbreviate title box.


Open your library 

Go to the “Tools” meny and chose Open “Term Lists” and “Open Journals term List”.


If the journal name is in uppercases in the list, Click on the name (to select it) and chose “Edit term” (on the right side).

Change the name in the “Full Name” field from uppercases to lowercases and click OK and finish with “Close”.

Does this solve the problem in the preview and in the bibliography?

Best wishes

Jan Ove

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Thank you both for the excellent help. Now it works. :wink: