Multiple errors with X2 in Word 2007

I have been having the worst time with EndNote. I haven’t been able to get it to work at all. I have been using reference manager in Word 2007 (on Vista) for my various papers, but it doesn’t have the right citation and biblio formats. So, I have tried EndNote. The web version constantly says that the server is down. The non-web version, X2, now gives me “Server execution failed” whenever I try to convert my Word 2007 citations to EndNote citations. I have reinstalled multiple times. There are no firewall issues. Anyone else figure out a way to fix this? Thanks.

hi gideonse - hope I’m not too late replying but only just got the software.
I encountered the same problem for ages.  

1 - if you are using the Demo copy (first 30 days) then wyou need to start EndNote before you start Word otherwise Word fails because it gets to the alert “do you want to register” and doesn’t know what to do.  Once you register, Word has no problems starting Endnote if you haven’t already started it

2 - something had gone seriously wrong with my copy of MS Office 2007, and I had to uninstall and reinstall.  I had problems with EndNote around this too.  Possible EndNote installation caused it but unlikely. 

Hope this cheers you up