Problems adding references to text boxes in Word2007

I have been experiencing problems when I try to add references to text boxes in my Microsoft Word document. Basically, I created text boxes where I added some figures. When I go to the figure legend (inside the text box), I am able to add one reference (using RM11), but I have problems when I try to add additional references (they just don’t show up). I use the Generate Bibliography function to make sure the references are updates, but still the same problem. Do you have any explanation why this might be happening?


Another not so urgent question I have is:

Why do the references inside text boxes are renumbered to 1, 2… and so on. Basically, my first figure is in page 10, and even though I have dozens of references throughout pages 1-9 (numbered in order of appearance in the text), when I insert one reference in the text box in page 10, that reference is called Reference no. 1 (and all the other references before that one are renumbered accordingly). Any suggestions on how to keep the continuous counting, i.e., the reference inside the text box on page 10, would be numbered after all those that are in the normal text before it…?




Sorry for the delay in response.

To answer your questions…

1)  I don’t seem to be having any trouble inserting multiple citations into a text box.  Do you get any kind of error message?

What kind of text box are you attempting to insert these citations into?

Also, have you installed the Reference Manager 11.0.1 update?  While not specifically designed to address this issue, it certainly couldn’t hurt.

2)  Here’s the thing about text boxes and them being numbered first.  My understanding is that when a macro is run (which Reference Manager uses for formatting), the macro hits the text boxes first, and then goes through the rest of the document.  As such, when citations reside in text boxes, the Generate Bibliography function hits those text boxes first, and numbers the citations in those boxes out of order.

The only workaround we currently have is to insert the citation outside of the text box, then once you’ve completed the citation process, use the “Remove Field Codes” option in the Reference Manager tools in Word to create a new copy of the document without Reference Manager codes.  In this newly created version of the document, you can cut and paste those citations into the text boxes where they belong, and they will be numbered correctly.

When you save this new document, make certain not to overwrite your original document (with the Reference Manager codes), as without the codes, Reference Manager is not going to recognize any of the formatted citations in the document to reformat them.


Thank you so much for your reply. In the meantime, I was recommended to convert the text boxes into frames, and that partly solved my problems. The references are numbered correctly, but there are instances when the appropriate formating (of tables, for example) are lost when converting text boxes into frames.