Problems after converting from in-text parenthesis style to footnote style, ended up with seemingly "double" set of styles


I have a document whose references are messed up after I converted from an in-text parenthesis style (Sage Harvard) to a footnote style (Chicago 16th Footnote). I changed the style by changing the assigned style in the “Style” field on the EndNote tab in Word. Then the in-text references seemingly diseappeared, but the bibliography remained. I then (and I think this is where I mad my big mistake) manually added footnotes and inserted the relevant references in each footnote. Everything seemed fine. But when I decided to delete three references (by deleting the corresponding footnotes), the deleted references still showed up in the bibliography (I did not refer to these references anywhere else in the text). When trying to figure out why the deleted references still showed up in the bibliography I changed the style back again from Chicago 16th Footnote to Sage Harvard. Then I saw that the references I had deleted in Chicago 16th were still there in Sage Harvard! I then deleted the references in Sage Harvard as well, but this did not solve the problem. Instead, after pressing “Update citations and bibliography” in Word, what happened was that the references I had deleted twice (first deleting the Chicago 16th footnote reference, then deleting the Sage Harvard in-text reference) reappeared in the text and all other references appeared as double in-text references. (see attached image: the first reference is supposed to be there, the last three references are the ones that I deleted).

How can I fix this problem without having to delete all traces of EndNote formatting from my document and add the references from scratch?

Thanks in advance!


The whole way that one inserts in text citation versus footnotes containing citations is different.  Simply switching between the two does not automatically move the citations from the in-text position to the footnote.  Since the output style has no instructions for the the original in-text inserted endnote field, it “disappears” because the citation has no template.  However it is still there and Endnote will still reflect that citation in the Bibliography, even though it is invisible in the test.  

Now did you then manually inserted footnotes (using Word) and insert the endnote citations again in those footnotes?  

If you see the most recent post from a Moderator inthis thread - they do have some tools that can make this conversion, if you contact them.  However you might currently have a mixed bag. That thread also describes the differences between in-text citations, footnotes, endnotes and numbered styles… 

I can explain what happened, but now sure how to describe how to fix this, although if I had access to the document, I think it is realtively easy to fix.  – When you switched to the footnote style, there is no in-text citation template, so the citations “disappeared” although they are still there.  There are macro’s that can convert in-text citations to footnotes, but it sounds like you are beyond that, having reinserted the new footnotes.  

What I would try, would be to make a copy of the document (I always make copies of the document!) and select the text and use the word facitly to removed the fields from the text.  I don’t think it will touch the footnotes, but that is why you always make a copy first.  (select all text ctrl+A, and then Shift+ctl+f9 to remove the fields ).  

Unformating the document to the curly bracketed fromat will reveal the citations in both in-text (which are hopefully gone) and in the footnotes (which will still be there), so you will be able to tell if you deleted them.  – You should now delete the bibliography (which is now plain text too) then update citations and bibliography and see if the footnotes repopulate your new bibliography.