Problems in synchronizing EndNote files between computers

I am testing SugarSync ( to synch (among others) EndNote X1 files between my three computers. Until now I have used a USB stick and everything has gone smoothly. However, with SugarSync there seems to be a problem. When I access an EndNote library which has been copied from another machine with SugarSync I get this message:

“This library appears to be damaged. Please verify that no other user has this library open simultaneously with write access. If this error persists after restarting EndNote, please repair the library using the ‘Recover Library’ on the ‘Tools’ menu.”

Can anyone say what could be done to get rid of this problem? Why does EndNote assume that the library is locked with write access?




When you sync’ing data, make sure (your library name).data folder is also sync’ed. This folder contains associated information like attachment, group membership, etc.

Also, I suggest to use external hard drive (like western digital passport or seagate freeagent to go) for sync’ing because of the larger size and flexibility of NTFS. You can format USB flash drive with NTFS, but the read/write is a little slow. If you use FAT32, there are some issues copying files.

Btw, are you a PC or Mac user?

I am a PC user. The data folder should be synched also. But I must check if it doesn’t happen.

Thanks for the reply



I have exactly the same problem. I am synchronizing between two PCs using an external USB drive. I copy both the .enl file and the corresponding folder. A week ago I had the notion " database erorr", but was able to repair the library using the “repair library” tool. However, today I again have the same database error, and can not even repair the library.

Please help

I know this is an old post but I ran into the same problem and I think I may have a solution of sorts, so I thought I’d post in case someone else runs into this:

I use SugarSync to sync between two computers. For a while it all worked fine, but this week every time I worked on my EndNote library on one computer, I would go to the other computer, wait for SugarSync to finish syncing all the files (it would list all files as synced and backed-up) and then when I opened my EndNote library I would get an error message saying my library was corrupt and needed recovering.

What I discovered is this: SugarSync was *saying* that it had downloaded all of the files, but when I went into the SugarSync file manager for the last computer on which I had edited the library, one of the files from EndNote’s “rdb” library appeared as “pending download”. Once I manually downloaded that file to the computer, the EndNote library worked just fine, no need for recovery or anything.

So, if you run into this problem, go into your sugarsync file manager and make sure that all of the EndNote files have really been downloaded.