Reference Manager 11 error

Dear all,

There must be something wrong with my reference manager. The problem began when doing a search on Internet through reference manager. He said he did not find the host. When I created a new host, the problem was not solved. As the necessary hosts were unfindable, I decided to uninstall reference manager and reinstall it. A second problem raised. Windows was unable to remove reference manager. I had to download Windows Install Clean Up program to remove reference manager from my PC. I reinstalled reference manager. But a new problem raise. I could not find the CWYW files en so was unable to insert marked references. So again I uninstalled reference manager and reinstalled it. Now everything worked. Until I send a word document, containing reference manager fields to another person. He worked on this document en resend my file. He already warned me that something with my reference manager must have been wrong, as he received an error. When I opened the document all reference manager field notes were gone.

Has anybody had this problem? And how can I solve it?

Yours sincerely,

Sofie De Rouck