Problems with Chicago 16-A

When I insert a citation in my Word document using the Chicago A style, which I have just downloaded, the format is wrong.  I am getting (Last Name, First Name) instead of the correct (First Name, Last Name) and I am not getting the proper format (Place, Publisher, Year) in parentheses.

For example: 

1.                Weiss, Thomas Joseph, and Donald Schaefer. American Economic FreewareDevelopment in Historical Perspective.  Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1994.

Nor am I getting the proper superscript number in the text with a numbered note at the bottom of the page.  Obviously, I have done something seriously wrong.

Does anyone have a suggestion?

Number 5 from the Top Ten things to Remember about Endnote (in Help)

If you are using footnote styles, your word processor controls the numbering and placement of the footnote and EndNote controls the formatting.  So you will first need to insert the footnote using your word processor, then insert the EndNote citation into that footnote.

(I actually just found these earlier today!)

this will also fix your other problem, as the footnote style is defined to give Firstname Surname in the footnote output.