Trying to use the Chicago "Notes and Bibliography" citation style, citations are unnumered in Word 2010

I am submitting to a journal which gives the following requirements:

All manuscripts should conform to the guidelines set forth in The Chicago Manual of Style, 15

I. Endnotes

Notes should be numbered consecutively throughout the text and gathered at the end.

th edition.

I am new to both Endnote and Chicago, so I am getting pretty confused. I tried using the Chicago 16th Footnote, as Chicago 16th Author-Date was clearly not it. However, when I do this, the citations are not numbered at the end of the document and there is no in-text numbering.

I am suspecting this has something to do with “notes”, which coming from the sciences I have no idea how to use, nor do I need them for this particular paper. With that in mind, can someone please assist me in conforming to this format?

Thank you!

You need to insert the footnote using Word and then insert the citation into the footnote.  

see this youtube about footnotes.  (updated link as original was incorrect one). 

The word processor “footnotes” settings should be set to “endnotes” and not at the foot of the page.  see settings in the attached image.