Problems with import of pdf

We recently discovered that the pdfs that we used last semester in user education classes to demonstrate how references can be created from import of pdfs have stopped working.

Two example of such pdfs that used to work are doi:10.1007/s11061-005-4247-9 and doi:10.1108/03074801011094859 The doi:s are ok when we chec them in CrossRef

The pdf attached to the Knowledge Base post Troubleshooting pdf import works so the problem shouldn’t be  any firewalls.

We used X7.1 on Windows and X7.2 on Mac with the same result. Have anyone else experienced this or know of any changes in the handling of the pdf-import?



I noticed the same problem 2 days ago. I am using the same pdf file as an example for at least two semester now, and since last week EndNote (Version X6) was not able to distract the bibliographic data anymore.


I am having the same problem running X7.2 on a Mac under Mavericks.  I think the problem may lie in the DOI look up no longer working.  If I make a record with the DOI field filled in and then select “Find Reference Updates”, I either get nothing or an error message that the program couldn’t find a uniquely matching record or some such.  So, I think the PDF import part is working, but the “then look up the reference information” part is not.  I’ve had the problem for several weeks, reported it to Tech Support, and was told “We can duplicate the problem and the programs are ‘working on it’”. 

This is such a central part of the EN workflow that I’m really baffled it has taken EN so long to attend to it.  I really do love the program, but GRRRR!!!  This is just silly and very frustrating.

Hello All,

Recently, there has been an issue with our connection to the CrossRef service not returning results during the Import Process.  We now have confirmation that the communication between the EndNote software and the CrossRef service has been restored, and the Import PDF function should now work correctly.

We are terribly sorry for any inconveniece this lapse in functionalty may have caused.

And, thanks for your patience.


HI, not sure what that all meant but I used to be able to import folders of pdfs and much of the content would self populate.

Having purchased Endnote 8 at great expense I’m down to importing files individually

I only bought it as x7 crashed with my library

So what’s happening and what is the solution?