pdf import doesn't work even with DOI

Just upgraded to X7 and learning about pdf import. I understand that if a pdf doesn’t have a DOI the reference with be imported with the title in <angle brackets>, and I have to fill in the rest of the information manually.

BUT here’s the problem: I have imported a pdf, and the reference entry shows up with a DOI number, but the rest of the entry is still the title in <angle brackets>, and I have to fill in the rest of the information manually.

I don’t understand. will someone please explain?


Greetings mcbrown,

Typically, a failed PDF import will result in the creation of an EndNote library record containing the title of the PDF within EndNote’s Title field and the PDF file itself linked to the library record.  Just to confirm, you’re saying your failed PDF import record also includes the DOI information for the article?  If so, could you reply with the DOI number you’re seeing so that I can confirm the article is indexed within the CrossRef database?  The mentioned CrossRef database is what EndNote would query when attempting a PDF import.

Hello Jimmy,

Here’s the DOI of the pdf that wldn’t import: 


I have since tried the import function successfully so perhaps it’s a matter of this DOI#  not being in the database?


Greetings mcbrown,

Yes, it appears this particular DOI number isn’t being indexed by CrossRef:


To save yourself from having to manaully populate this EndNote library record, I’d suggest searching Google Scholar for this reference, direct exporting the reference to your EndNote library and then manually attaching the PDF article to the new library record.



I’ve had several similar issues with PDFs that have DOI, it is recognised, but data is not imported.

In this particular one, it even has a crossref metadata entry, but EndNote is not importing it.


I’ve checked with Mendeley, and it does import all the information of the PDF correctly.

I appreciate your help on the correct import of PDF info.