problems with word 2013


I’ve been using EndNote for quite some time and like it a lot. A few weeks ago something happened and now EndNote makes Word 2013 crash everytime I try to open a file. I had to de-activate the COM Add-in to be able to use Word otherwise it would crash everytime. I reinstalled both Word and EndNote without any imporvement of the problems.

Any suggestions?


In order to better assist you, we need some more information.

  1. Which version of EndNote do you have?

  2. Are you on a Mac or a PC ?

Thank you for your patience and assistance with getting you the best answer.

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I have a PC.

I’m using EndNote V 7.1 and Word 2013



check out the updates for the office 2013 becouse eince i hace install this office last year i had about 2 to 2 majoe updates.