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I’m new to Endnote.

I’m in the process of doing a literature review.  Are any academic library catalogs open to public access?  If not, which of the open access databases are best for doing academic-like research?

Thanks in advance.


There are so many, but for the most part, you will find Academic libraries to have books and not journal access thru the connect option.  You can also use the Library of Congress for book  title access.  I noticed, for example that  selecting either Amherst or the U of Chicago “connect” (online search) are open to public searching from endnote, for books.  

Searching for science and medical topics, you should use Pubmed, which is a public database for journal contents.  Pubmed also has links that may take you to open access publications, but many of the actual publications in journals, may be restricted to subscribers.  You may be able to visit a library once you have literature that interest you, and you can ask if you can make photocopies of the papers you need.  

For other fields, you will need to consult others, as I am not aware of which databases might be open access.  

EndNote comes with pre-configured connection files to free reference databases and library catalogs as well as databases that require payment and/or authentication for access. Most of the databases offered by the commercial information providers (Ovid, OCLC, DIMDI, SilverPlatter, and so on) require an account for access. There are, however, numerous databases that are available at no cost to you, and no account is required.

Two major databases that do not require passwords are the PubMed database from the U.S. National Library of Medicine, and the Library of Congress. Many of the general library catalogs are also unrestricted. Additional connections may be available at the EndNote online site at

Another resource would be Google Scholar which you can search for references and then send the results back to EndNote.

We have those steps available on our website:

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