Quirky behaviour, X5 / OS X Lion / Pages

I have a licensed (non-demo) copy of X5 running on my Mac.  Under my previous configuration all was well.  Under my new configuration however, I am striking odd behaviour.

Previous configuration - iMac 27" i7 / EndNote X4 / Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6) / Pages ver 9.

New configuration - iMac 27" i7 (same system) / EndNote X5 (previous copy of X4 and X5 demo uninstalled) / Mac OS X Lion (10.7.3) / Pages ver 9 / Pages EndNote Plugin.

Under this new configuration, the Pages menu item ‘EndNote Citation…’ presents properly in the ‘Insert’ menu item (and did so before installing the Pages EndNote plugin).  I am able to choose a citation, however, it doesn’t display in the document until I play around with ‘EndNote Citations ->’ in the ‘Edit’ menu.  Further, the citation isn’t added to my existing bibliography.  If I delete the existing bibliography, I lose all previous entries, they are not re-established.

Anyone with experience of this?

All the best.