Quote - paragraph # instead of page #

I am using Endnote X2 - APA 5th edition format. I have several quotes that come from websites and the APA manual says I should use paragraph numbers to delineate the quotes location on the webpage. Is there any easy way to do this?

I tried putting “para. 5” in the page location but I end up getting “p. para. 5”. Of course if I delete the “p.” Endnotes puts it back for me.

Help would be appreciated - thanks.

Are you speaking of the citation (cited pages) or in the bibliography?  

If cited para (instead of Cited Pages) in the citation, then use the suffix field instead of cited pages in the edit citation dialog with the appropriate punctuation and spacing.  

If in the bibliography, (and you don’t want to just fix it before you submit it) then you will need to insert that information into a new custom field (edit preferences> the appropriate reference type) and then edit your Output Style’s bibliography template to include it.  (make sure you get the | and link adjacents in there so you don’t end up with the spaces, punctuation and the like for all those other articles with pages and no paragraphs).  

If you need help tweaking the style, attach it here.  

Putting it in the suffix area worked. Thank you.

Just had to add the comma and space as part of the suffix to get it formatted right.


Where’s the suffix area? Sorry. Been looking around and can’t find it.



In the edit citation dialog box.


Long time, but if you are still around, how do you then get rid of the “.” if you use suffix. If I add a suffix it adds it after the reference that ends with a dot. Can’t get rid of it. Thanks

Still “here”!  

I am not sure exactly what you mean.  Can you provide examples and can you attach the output style you use (if it is one you downloaded and didn’t edit further, name and if a default style and you haven’t changed it, name, and I can get it myself.)  If it is an edited style, it should be in the folder defined in your preferences, folder location.