Getting rid of "pp." when quoting an unpaginated article and trying to reference a paragraph instead


I am quoting from an online, unpaginated articles, using APA 6th format.  When there are no page numbers, APA style is to cite to the paragraph in the document, using headings if the article has them.  The specific cite I need is:

Surry and Farquhar (1997, “Diffusion Theory and Instructional Technology,” para. 4).

However, Endnote keeps inserting a “pp.” which is not right here as the article is not paginated, so it reads like this:
Surry and Farquhar (1997, pp. “Diffusion Theory and Instructional Technology,” para. 4).

I have experimented with ways to get rid of the “pp.” but cannot.  Your help is appreciated.

Which bibliography template/referenc type is being used for these records?  It seems that the pp is not being isolated by the | and link adjacent symbols.  to fix it, you need to fix that in the APA output style.  it should be something like

| pp. Pages| 

I notice that the first | is missing in the generic template.  the large space between the pp. and Pages should be a “link adjacent” character inserted from the insert field drop-down. 

When editing the in-text citation, are you perhaps using the Pages area rather than the Suffix area?

In the Suffix area you’ll need all the punctuation, so try editing the citation and putting this text in the Suffix area instead of the Pages area:

, “Diffusion Theory and Instructional Technology,” para. 4