Re-importing references from an Word.rtf file failed


I failed to re-import references from a rtf-file which was created by exporting using the Endnote export filter and choosing rtf as typ.

I want not save the rtf-file as .txt because I would loose all of the formattings I got exported quite well.

Any suggestion?

I do not think any import filters can import format information such as fonts and margins. Export function has rich text format, because it is used to create formatted bibliography information as an independent file. If you are trying to export records from one library and import them to another, ASCII text file format (.txt) is the only file format…I think.

If you are simply moving records from one Endnote library to another Endnote library, try drag-and-drop. Highlight records from the source library and copy. Paste the records into the detitnation library.