Reconnect Unformatted citations and travelling library/reference list

Hi everybody,

I have been reading in this forum before but couldnt solve my problem with the answers provided. Since i now have access to endnote x7 thx to my mentor i was hoping my problem ( I was originally using RefMan 12) could be solved by “upgrading” but unfortunately not.

I have a word document (saved in both doc and docx with office 2010 on windows 7) which is my dissertation with atm about 80 references in it. At some point i had a problem with adding new references using RefMan12 and unformatted my citations–>they now look like this

{Murase, 2013 4 /id;Borgel, 2010 81 /id;Funder, 2008 59 /id;Diederich, 2007 52 /id}

i also have the travelling library files, the original refman libraries and i now converted the travelling library to endnote as well.

But i can’t for the heck of it reconnect any of the reference lists to the actual text/unformatted citations and get it to update in any way.

Please help me, I’m quite desperate by now since i have already tried everything i could think of and whatever was proposed in similar posts

the citations in curly marks still seem to have some kind of refman code attached to it, as i can make this code visible by right-clicking and activating “fiel functions” (not sure if i translated this right) -->but they are not recognized anyway

Refer to the Endnote knowledge base article for converting Reference Manager database and documents to Endnote.