Recreate Endnote Word Bibliography

Hi Endnote Community, 

I had my Phd paper in several word documents. Now I copied all the documents in one file. The Bibliography at the end of the document didn’t work properly. There were two and they didn’t show all the references I quoted. I deleted the Bibliography. Then I clicked “Update Citations and Bibliography…” and was hoping Endnote would generate a new complete bibliography but it didn’t create a new one. I tried changing settings in the Style Manager like switching on and off „Include citiations in bibliography" but it didn’t work and switched between the different options under “Sections” but it didn’t help. What can I do do create a new complete bibliography? Under the Footsnotes the Endnote reference appears in the right way?

Thanks for your help. Greetings Leonie 

Assuming you can’t start over with the combining?  If you can, first “convert citations and bibliography” to “unformatted citations” on the parts, and THEN combine them and turn on Turn instant formating back on, or “update citations and bibliography”.  

If you have modified the combined version too much, It is hard to know without looking at the document itself.  Have you tried “convert citations and bibliography” to “unformatted citations” AND checked that all the citations are now in the curly bracketed {Author, Year #RecNo; NextAuthor, Year #RecNo}  state.  If there are any residual bibliographies, delete them.  

Then “update citations and bibliography”.  

If that doesn’t work - you may want to try cleaning up the field codes, but if it is a thesis with tables of contents and figure captions and legends, you might lose a lot of those automated pieces. 

The bibliography is back in the document. And I moved it to the right place with cutting out and inserting it. But the bibliography doesn’t look smart anymore. Normally when clicking on it the whole library appears with a grey background. Now it looks like normal text. Also when I add a new reference and “Update Citations and Bibliography” the new reference is not added to the bibliography. 

I changed an authors name in the Endnote file to check if there are still connected and the name changes in the footnote but not in the bibliography. The new reference also appears in the list of the Word Document in the Endnote File.

Is there a way to recreate the whole bibliography? I don’t understand what you mean by start over with the combining or cleaning up the field codes!? It is a quite big word documents with automatic contents.  

Thank you for your help!!!

Hard to advise without looking at the document itself.  Have you called tech support?  I am heading out of town or I would ask you to PM me and share it on a google or dropbox drive so I could look at it.  I help many of my students sort out their theses!  Make sure you have the correct output style – and you should be able to delete the non-smart bibliography and generate it again, as long as the citations are still there.  Check for that new reference at the end of the document again.  To move a bibliography you have to turn off CWYW (autoformating) first or it will immediately recreate it at the end after you do the cut step.  Or to drag and drop rather than cut and paste, I understand.   

Hi Leanne, 

thank you so much for your help and you quick replies. When I opened the document again I had two bibliographys. One smart one not smart. I deletetd the one that was not smart and then I selected the whole smart library and moved it with the cursor instead of cut and copy. Now it seems to work fine and also includes new citations. I was wondering why there were reference appearings that I didn’t quote but I had the option “Format: Show only in Bibliography” turned on for some of them. I deleted them and now its looks how it should look. Thank you!!!

Greetings Leonie