Ref Type Field displays in final reference list, but only for non-Journal types


In Word 2010, my reference list includes the Ref Type field whenever I use a type other than Journal.  For example:

(1) US Congress. 100th Congress Orphan Drug Act Amendment.  1988.

Ref Type: Bill/Resolution


(2)   Morel PCH, Schollum LM, Buwalda TT, Pearson G. Digestibility of bovine immunoglobulin in the piglet. In: Hennesey DP, Cranwell PD, eds. Manipulating pig production V . Werribee, Australia: Australasian Pig Science Association; 1995;181.

(3)   Perez-Bosque A, Pelegri C, Vicario M et al. Dietary plasma protein affects the immune response of weaned rats challenged with S. aureus Superantigen B. J Nutr 2004;134:2667-2672.

(4)   US Food and Drug Administration. Agency Response Letter GRAS Notice No. GRN 000255.  2008. 10-29-2012.

Ref Type: Online Source

I tried removing it using Tools-> Field and Type Edit, but the Ref Type field is shaded and listed as mandatory. Can someone please let me know how to lose that field?


Jeff Cohn

Greetings Jeff,

It sounds like one of the Bibliography defintions within your selected output style has been defined to include ‘Ref Type’ information.  To check for this:

1.  Open a formatted Word document showing this unwanted information and check the “Style” menu on the Reference Manager 12 tab to verify which style we’ll be editing.

2.  Once you’ve noted the designated output style, switch to Reference Manager 12.

3.  In Reference Manager, click “Tools>Bibliography>Open Output Style…”.

4.  Find this particular output style on the list of available styles and double-click on its name.

5.  When the Edit Style window appears, in the top-left hand corner of this window, click on the “Bibliography” tab.

6.  After switching to the Bibliography tab, you will be showing the definition for <Generic>.  This definition is a catch-all for reference types that have no unique definition, which is most likely where ‘Ref Type’ has been included.  If you’re able to find the following information within this defintion, highlight the mentioned text and press Backspace on your keyboard to remove it:


7.  Upon the removal of this information, click “File>Save” to update your style.

8.  Click “File>Close Output Style…” to leave the Edit Style window.

9.  Return to Word and press “Update Citations and Bibliography”, which can be found on the Reference Manager 12 tab.

Please let me know if this helps. 

Best Regards,
Jimmy M.
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