Reference Formatting


I am having an issue with the formatting of two webpage references in the reference section of a document. They are formatting like this:

Author Last Name, First Initial. Title Year [Date Accessed] Available        from:          URL

I am not sure how to resolve this as all of the other webpage citations formatted without the extra spaces. Any advice is appreciated! Please let me know if any further information is needed. 


Which output style are you using?  Do they go away if you format with a different output style?  

Are they really spaces, or is the paragraph formatted as justified and it is spreading it out – what happens when you “show non-printing characters” (that funny backward’s P on the toolbar). 

If that is the case, you can test by making the paragraph unjustified and they will go away (but will reappear the next time the bibliography is updated.)

If really extra spaces, it is probably that the link adjacent and separator characters are not all in place for blank fields.  

It was the paragraph formatting! Thank you so much-that was a simple fix.