Reference Manager 12 Word toolbar replaced by EndNote X2 toolbar after applying update 12.0.2 to Reference Manager

After applying the 12.0.2 Update to Reference Manager 12 the CWYW toolbar in Word has been replaced by a toolbar for Endnote X2. Since I don’t have EndNote X2 installed, the toolbar is non-functional.

How do I restore the Reference Manger toolbar? I tried RefManConfig but that did not correct the problem.

Thank you

Same problem here:cry:

Respond of a long long long email conversation:

This has been forwarded to development as a bug to see if they can locate the issue.  We have no estimate when they may locate a resolution to the issue.  Until then you may want to install Reference Manager 11 on those machines as the tools load different.

But this email is dated : 05-03-2010 So …

I fixed the problem myself. Can’t remember the exact details, but it involved removing/disabling the Endnote Word addins and adding/configuring the RefMan 12 Word addins. See pictures below.