Toolbar in Word 2003 does not work any longer

I wonder if someone has experienced the problme I have and/or could give help.

I’m using Reference Manager version 10.1 with WORD 2003 and it worked fine until today when I noticed that the toolbar does not work any monger.  The tool bar shows up but if click on any of the buttons, nothing happens (none of the buttons work).  I have

  • checked that the start-up files are in place in the startup folder of WORD (other wise the buttons woud not show)

  • uninstalled and reinstalled Reference Manager (including the update) and checked that it works (I can download normally from PubMed).

  • made an attemps with a new database (.rmd and .rmx files)

  • made to make “repair” of WORD 2003

Now, if I access a WORD document and the corresponding RM files from another computer (throgh the local network) that has also WORD 2003 and Reference Manager version 10, all the toolbar buttons work on that computer.

So, it seems to naildown the problem to the inability of the toolbar to work on a specific WORD installation (nothing to do with the files them-selves and probably nothing to do with RM it-self).

Any suggestion, apart from completly uninstalling and reinstalling WORD (which I’d not like to do because I’d loose of lot of important customizations that will take long to reset).  

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I’m having the same problem, but in Word 2007 running Vista.  Did anybody ever figure it out?

Sorry, No idea… I solved my problem (Windows XP and Word 2003) by reinstalling Windows and WORD …