Reference manager importing

Hi all, I am new to end note and i started using it recently. I imported my references from my folder to the end note library but all the reference details are not added automatically and I have to fill in all details manually. Is there a way to update all reference detilas automatically. it would be great if you can help.




Hello Sneha,

Are you using the Reference Manager application or EndNote? EndNote is a sister product from the same company. If you are using EndNote and the library record contains information in the DOI field, you can use the Reference Update command from the References menu to obtain the missing information. If you can locate the Digital Object Identifier (DOI), you can populate the DOI field and use the Reference Update command.


I also need this infomation. thank for share with us

Dear All,

I need remote support.

I use Endnote web for my research . I usually use the RefMan option when importing references and this has worked for several years. But last week ,i installed Citavi trial version just for practicing how to use the software. Then i noticed yesterday that each time , i tried importing a reference from Google scholar or any other scholarly repository, the citavi icon pops up after selecting RefMan as import option. i noticed some conflicts with the two softwares , so i uninstalled citavi, rebooted my system and also did a system restore. but i am not still being able to perform imports again as i used to with my End note web. That is the error messag ei get. I tried installing Reference Manager (RIS) Export from the EndNote web web page but , I couldnt see any suitable app with which to open it. Here is a screen shot of the apps I saw while trying to download teh RIS : .Any help will be highly appreciated.

I got an error message saying that the RIS application was not found