reference script: how to input it into Endnote?

Hi sometimes websites have an endnote function that automatically input the reference into my library.

Came across a situation where the website didn’t input it directly but gave me the code to do so pasted below:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<author>Yeo, Stanley</author>
<title>Blamable causation</title>
<secondary_title>Criminal Law Journal</secondary_title></titles>
<full-title>Criminal Law Journal</full-title>

 Wondering, how do i put this into endnote?

Cheers for any help that can be provided

Which provider? 

Your example resembles XML code. Was this saved as an .xml file? If so the file can be imported into Endnote. If not, check whether the data provider enables exporting references as an .xml file and attach a copy. .

Yes it is an XML code…

What should I do with it?

Usually, Endnote allows importing XML files by using an import filter. However, the usual import filter did not work with your output may suggest constructing a tear specific to this output.

Who is the data provider? It would be helpful to work with an original file from the source in order to verify and test the data, and spacing while creating the tags needed for the import filter.