Reference sorting difficulties and journal name capitalization inconsistency


I am editing an article where the journal asked us to use ‘Harvard Appendix 2’ style. Since the EndNote version I used on the PC only has ‘Harvard’, I chose to edit the output myself. 

For articles with the same first author name, they want us to put the one they write as a single author first, then followed by the ones they write with others. I have included their guide for reference. 

I have 2 articles with the same first author. One of it was written with a co-author. Both were published in the same year. The other references were written by different first authors. 

Based on what I understand from the instruction, I chose ‘First Author + Year + Other Authors’ option in ‘Sort Order’ in the ‘edit output style’. 

However, when I update the bibliography in MS Word, the document keep on sorting the one with a co-author at the top. 

I played around with the setting and change the date of publication, making the one with co-author published later. The list is persistent and didn’t change. I have tried other sorting options but nothing happened. 

I noticed that in the library, the record sort the list the right way (the one the author wrote as a sole author is at the top, while the one s/he wrote with another author is listed as second). 

I have read that this may occur in EndNoteWeb, but does this occur frequently in the PC version? 

Is there another way this problem can be solved without doing it manually? 

I have included some screenshots for everyone’s reference. 

Thank you in advance.