References are not updating in my bibliography

Help please :mansad:

I have references in my Endnote library that were incorrect when I downloaded them and cited them in my document. I have since updated them in my library (e.g. capitalised the Journal names) however they will not update in my Bibliography. This is happening for several references (not all, some still update) but I have attached screenshots for one. 

I have down some Googling, read through some threads, and nothing I try is working. I have removed the reference and added it again. I have unformatted all references in the document and then updated them. I have tried right clicking the reference and editing the citation in word as well as editing in Endnote.

Must be a simple fix?! It is driving me nuts.

I am using Word 2016 and Endnote X8.

Dear Samkate13

To correct the appearance of Journal names you need to fix them in the Journals Term list (Tools, Term lists, Journals Term list) Here you will need to find the journal then use the Edit term button. Most of the journal output styles link to the entries in this list rather than looking directly at the entries in the library.

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For full details on using the Journal Terms list in detail, see this article and video.  Once you do the steps (deleting the existing terms list and replacing it), you need to make sure to turn off auto importing of journal terms in preferences and make sure the output style you use is set to use the correct abbreviation choice/column.