References list won't update, and DOIs won't show up?

This is driving me crazy. I inserted citations for my paper using CWYW in Word, and it populated the reference list. However, after doing this, I noticed that it did not include DOIs, and it did not abbreviate the journal titles (this is in AMA format). I used the “edit reference” button and tried editing a few citations so that the abbreviated title was written in the “Journal” field, but when I go back and click the update citations button in Word, it doesn’t change them at all. Additionally, many of these references already have the DOIs listed in their EndNote references, so I’m not sure why that didn’t get included in them in the first place. If anyone has any ideas about what I could be doing wrong, that would be super helpful!

Okay, giving up and starting over…but I STILL can’t get the DOIs to be included in my references. How do I edit the fields that are included with a specific citation style? It doesn’t seem to want to include DOIs for AMA.

The output style you are using dictates when DOIs are included and I do not see DOIs included in the journal template of the current output style I use for JAMA (dated July 5, 2018) but it is included for e-jounals.  I downloaded the version available from U of Central Florida: and it has a DOI in journal but not in e-journals.  So I combined those two versions into one (attached in the zip file), so you could try that, to see if it works for you.  

Journal Abbreviations:  This too, is dictated by the output style, in combination with a GOOD journal terms list.  the JAMA journal is set to use abbreviation 1 in the journal terms list, however most people have never set up their journal terms lists and on top of that the default settings of endnote collect the information from databases as we add things to our libraries and Pubmed in particular has the journal name and alternate journal name reversed, so the terms list is all messed up. And unless you modify the output style to NOT use the terms list (leave as is choice) it will always replace the record journal name with the one in that column of the terms list, so fixing it in the record doesn’t help (as you found out).  

Start over, as instructed in this link.  (this needs to be done for EACH library and is not backed up to the cloud).  Once you do this, your journal titles should be corrected.  After doing all that, you should also turn off the preferences for auto updating those terms (see 1st attached file). 

JAMA 10th-jul-5-2018 with journal (4.12 KB)