References tend to combine when imported

Hi there,

When I am importing multiple references from MEDLINE (Ovid), I have found that the references tend to combine into one endnote reference, where the authors of all journals are combined, the titles are listed after each other etc.  Instead of importing 6 references, for example, it will only import one endnote reference will be created, however it has ALL of the data from the journal articles (which isn’t helpful!).

When I’m exporting from MEDLINE, I select the articles of interest and select export.  On the menu that is then avaialable, I select export to endnote, and can see the seleted references.  I aak for the complete refence to be displayed, and have the URL and link to external resolver boxes checked.

If anyone has thoughts as to why this is occuring, I’d be very greatful.

Thanks so much,


I should mention, I use Endnote X7, and have been using the import Option of Reference Manager (RIS).


You might be using the wrong import filter. Use Endnote’s “MEDLINE (Ovid)” import filter instead of Reference Manager (RIS). (Go to the Endnote toolbar and select File > Import. In the Import File dialog box click the drop-down menu, adjacent to “Import Option” then click “Other Filters”. This will cause the Choose An Import Filter dialog box to pop up. Scroll down the list to locate and select “MEDLINE (Ovid)” then proceed importing the file.)

If the MEDLINE (Ovid) import filter wasn’t preinstalled on your computer then go to the Endnote support website to download the filter. (Instructions for downloading and installing is included on the webpage.)  If the problem persists, please attach a copy of the file to be imported so the fields  can be checked against the import filter.

Hi, and thanks for the help.

I downloaded the Medline filter, and followed the directions on the side panel, however I think something is going awry.  I’ll download the Medline Ovid filter, and save it, however when I go to the customizer tab, I am unable to see the Medline filter to check off.  

Any suggestions?


Are you opening it and then saving it from Endnote?  That is the only way I find it will then show up in the “open filter manager” list to click the “checkbox”.