I don’t know why the reference in my text include the first letter of the author’s first name ( eg. Body image […] in people with eating disorders (P. Cooper, 2009). ).

In my librairy I have three different references that have the same last name, but first name and year of publication are not the same.

My question is: How to not have this “first letter” in my text.

My second question is how to format the references list in order that the references of a chapter appear at the end of each chapter and not at the end of a book?



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Hello Cynthia,

In response to your first inquiry, this is likely due to the way the author names have been entered into the library. If they are not all identical, EndNote will follow the settings of the style and add the author initials. See the following article for details:

As for your second question, it is possible to set up chapter bibliographies. See the following article for instructions based on your version of the software:

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