Reinstallation failure EndNote X1 - why?

On experiencing the CWYW crash with Word 2007, not realizing it is common, I decided to uninstall EN X1 (via Remove Programs in Control Panel), and reinstall, hoping this would fix it. Bad move. When I try to reinstall the program first “assesses” my system and then reports that X1 is still installed, and exits. I cannot seem to prevent this, which means I am now seriously stuck, with major writing projects on my doorstep. Anyone know what I can do?


Isn’t  there a “repair” option?  - also what operating system.  There is likely some remnant left in the registry, which needs to be cleaned up. Tech support might be able to help you find it and delete it? 

Thank you for the reply. I did find remnants, removed them, and it worked. The CWYW problem with Word 2007, however, has not gone away, and according to EndNote company information, there is no solution for this to date. That leaves Word 2007 users, not a few, in a bit of a spot. But at least I have a bibliography to work with again!