EndNote x1..0.1 Mysterious "Install Rollback, No Error Code given in Vista

When I try to install Endnote x1.0.1 in Vista Ultimate, I very nearly complete the installation (at end of styles installation) then the installation rools back and I get “an unexpected error has called installaqtion to terminate early” type message.  No error code, no clue as to why.  Any thoughts on this?

Have you tried installing Endnote to the Documents section of the hard drive, rather than Program Files (which is the default)?

Melinda Goodin

Reference librarian

Swinburne University of Technology, Hawthorn campus, Australia 


Actually, the problem was resolved by doing a custom install in which I did not install the Palm components.  Endnote support admits there is a current bug with the latest palom software and vista which causes install problems.



This does not work. I don’t see how to do a manual install & avoid the Palm stuff. I’ve tried downloading the update from within EndNote, and from the EndNote web page. I’m using Word 2007 on a Vista system, and was thinking of upgrading because I figured that X2 would work with my Word. When I reviewed the capabilities on-line, I found that  EndNote X1, which I have, is supposed to work with Word 2007, yet it never has! A coworker said she downloaded & installed a patch that made it work, but she has a MacIntosh. How can I make CWYW work on my PC? EndNote will not go to the library. It also gives me continuous “Installation ended prematurely because of an error” messages on attempting to install the update when all Windows apps are closed, anti-virus and firewall are off, I’ve rebooted. I don’t know how to get into safe mode in Vista, maybe that would help?

This is frustrating in the extreme; I’ve spent all morning trying to install a simple patch.

Oops, I meant to say Microsoft Word will not go to the EndNote library. I have to use them separately, switching to EndNote, copying the reference already formatted, then paste it into the Word document. Reformatting a manuscript for submission to a different journal seems far more time-consuming than is necessary. If EndNote and Word worked together, maybe I could regenerate the reference list in a different style without copying & pasting every single one. The last manuscript I revised was for a journal that required numbering rather than author-date in-text citations. I had to renumber once. It would be cool if the references could stick to their citation somehow, so I wouldn’t need to renumber if I missed one.

In XP, you can uninstall componants, via the Add or Remove programs control panel. When you look at the endnotex2 program, there is an option to “change” and then three options appear, modify (which is what you want, if you want to remove the Palm options) , repair,  or remove.  If it is true that the Palm stuff is causing the problem, then uninstalling it may solve your problems?  I agree, using Endnote and Word as standalone products is a real bummer… 

The other option (less troublesome than above, but still a short term-emergency option)  is to copy (ctrl C) paste ctrl V) in the endnote citations {author, year #recno} and use the “format paper” option from endnote to complete the formating. 

So, I went to Add/Remove Programs & tried to get rid of the Palm stuff, but again I got the “Installation ended prematurely because of an error” message, followed by the amusing, yet ominous “Fatal error during installation.” Is there no way to make EndNote work as advertised on a Vista system with Word 2007? Is anyone else making it work?

Have you tried talking to Tech Support directly or using the submission form on www.endnote.com

I guess I will have to.

I have Endnote x3 in a Win 2003/XP Domain environment. I got the “installation ended prematurely” fatal error. I finally got end note installed by using the original local admin account that was used to install the installation of Windows. No Domain admin accounts worked and no other local admin accounts worked. I had a version of end note that created a log when it failed to install and in the log, it stated there there were no admin privileges when clearly I was logged in as an admin account that I use to install other software. This would also explain wht the problem is in all versions of Endnot