In-text reference formatting - How to add a space between citations?

Hello!  Whenever I have more than one citation after a sentence, my citations are only separated with a semi-column (;).  The only thing I’d like to modify is adding a space after the semi-column.  But I cant’ seem to find the place where I can edit this.

Example of what I have: Softshell clams can be found in soft-bottom environments (Hunt et al., 2001;St-Onge & Miron, 2006).

Example of what I want to have: Softshell clams can be found in soft-bottom environments (Hunt et al., 2001; St-Onge & Miron, 2006).

Thank you to anyone who might know how to help me.


Check the “Multiple citation separator” option which is accessed via the output style’s “Citation” template. To access the feature go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES EDIT [name of the style you’re using]. This will cause the output style’s dialog box to appear on-screen.  In the left column of the output style, locate “Citations” then click on “Templates” (see attached image).

The Citations Templates window displays the “Multiple citation separator” option.  Place your cursor next to the semicolon then enter a blank space. Close the output style dialog box which will save the changes to a new output style file (which has the word “Copy”). Change settings in both EndNote and MS Word to use the new output style file.


Wow.  Can’t believe I missed that!  Thank you very much!

I’ve tried this approach but it doesn’t work for me.  I’m using Chicago 15th A style with X4 and I notice that the other user was using APA.  Is there a difference?

Well, Chicago is a footnote/full bibliography style, so you need to make sure that the change is implemented there, if the spacing is off between multiple citations, rather than in the citation settings.  But Chicago already has semi-colon space as far as I can tell. 

In a footnote style, you need to add the footnote in the word processor and then add the citation to the footnote. 

I’m still not getting it.  I go into Output Styles edit, enter semicolon and a space in the “Multiple citation separator” box, save as Chicago 15th A Copy, point to the new Copy style in Endnote, and in my Word document, click on Update Citations and Bibliography in Word.  But nothing changes in my document.  Is there a symbol for “space” that I can put after the semicolon in the “Multiple citation separator” box? 

No special character, just make sure there is a space inserted after the semicolon.  In the footnote template not the citation template. And you need to make the output style change in the word program, not in the endnote program? 

 Did you try selecting the footnotes and reformating?  Or unformating reformating.   

Thank you so much!  I had been working on the citation template.  When I made the change in the footnote template it worked fine.