In-text brackets


I’m using for my thesis and have the following problem: I want to cite publications in text and put only the year in brackets. However, every time I am updating my reference list the bracket in front of the year is deleted (since it is in the citation itself).

Example: In his influential article, Cox (1972) outlines… - is what I want

In his influential article, Cox 1972) outlines… - is what I get

Does anyone know how I can keep the brackets? Is there any other possibility beside creating two different styles for citing a) the author as a person in a sentence and b) the publication as a whole?

Thanks for any hints!

You don’t say what version of Endnote you are using.  If you have EndnoteX5, switching between (Author, Year) and Author (Year) is now a newly implemented option. The option is available from the right click options, when you are in the formated citation.  

But and it appears you have edited the citation part of your style and perhaps moved the open parenthesis character? You cannont editi the field directly to fix this, you need to fix the citation template of the output style first, preferably restoring the (Author, Year) infomation.  Or maybe it may need to be (Author, Year|*p.^pp.*Cited Pages|).  The * represents the “link adjacent” symbol inserted from the insert field dropdown and the | means forced separation, so the pp stuff only appears if there is a page number in the field. 

If you are using an older version there are workarounds in other threads of these forums.  Here is one.

Thanks a lot! I was still using X4, which doesn’t have the option that you described. With X5 everything is working perfectly fine.