remove second author

Can someone tell me how to remove the second author  (e.g., Brown, Smith  et al., 2011 after “updating citations and bibliography”?  


So are you saying you want the citation to be:  (Brown et al., 2011)? If so, you’ll need to adjust the citation Author Lists section of your output style to list just the 1st author in the case of 3 or more authors - otherwise the changes won’t “stick“ when updating the citation/bibliography. Refer to attached image of the APA 6th which is set to list just the 1st author followed by et al. in the case of 6 or more authors.

After modifying your style the changes will be saved as a new output style file with the word “Copy “ added to the file name. So change MS Word to use the new output style in order for the changes to take effect.