Remove space before semicolon

Currently, when I have mutiple references in an in-text citation, ie (Smith 2011: 42 ; Bob 2001: 24) it separates them with a semicolon. This is fine, except for the space directly before the semicolon. 

Is there anyway to remove this space? Currently it’s counted as a separate ‘word’ in my word count, and just generally looks bad.

I’m using EndNote Web on Word for Mac 2011.

What style? This is generally based on the output style citation template.  Has yours been edited by someone?  Does another author, year style give the same problem (in which case it would suggest a different problem)? 

Is the extra space occurring for all or only select references?  If it occurs only for select references suggest you re-check the reference’s page field to see if there’s  blank space mistakenly added after the page number.  If a blank space is present just delete the space by using the backspace key.

The style is Harvard(AGES) style. it occurs for ALL in-text citatations with multiple references. i have no idea how to edit the style. step-by-step would be helpful since I’ve only just started using endnoteweb

It is my understanding that you can’t edit Endnote Web styles, only your administrator can.  I would call tech support and they can try to help I guess.  (assuming of course, that you aren’t the administrator).