In-text reference formatting - How to remove a space before semicolon in multiple citations

When I have the multiple citations with page numbers then there is no space before the semilcolon

e.g. (Thiede and Mutyambizi 2010 p. 189; World Health Organization 2011 p. 128-135). 

When I have multiple citations with no page numbers then there is a space before the semilcolon

e.g. (Kerry 1999 ; Sekokotla 2000 ; Rapakwana 2004 ; Rampfumedzi 2006 ; Marutha 2011). 

When I have multiple citations, some with page numbers and others without then those with page numbers don’t have a space before the semicolon e.g.

(Day, Monticelli et al. 2010 p. 124-271; Yes Media 2012a ; Yes Media 2012b ; Department of Government Communication and Information System [South Africa] 2013). 

Attached is the template I have to in-text referencing.

Please let me know what I need to change to address this issue

PS I have read through all the related threads I could find but didn’t find a solution 

Hard to say without seeing your output style file but you might need to insert Forced Separation codes before the “p.” and after the Cited Pages field. Can you attach your output style file?

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Am using the Generic output style that I modified a bit in the citation template as shown in my previous posting…here’s the generic one.

Annotated.ens (12.1 KB)

You need to include the separation characters to prevent the space from appearing.  See attached image.  

(Author Year| p. Cited Pages|)  (note in the image the space before and after the p. are “link adjacent text” characters.  and the | are forced separation characters.  The former must be inserted from the drop down menu, the later can be inserted from the keyboard or the drop down menu).  

I  added my version of the above in the attached output style too)

Annotated Cited pages.ens (15.1 KB)

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Worked perfectly! Thanks very much.

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