How to remove a space before semi-colon in multi-reference citation


I would like to remove spaces appearing before semi-colons in a multi-reference in-text citation. Ex.: (Hairston, 1949 ;  Jaeger, 1971 ; Smith and Pough, 1994) should be (Hairston, 1949; Jaeger, 1971; Smith and Pough, 1994).

I have tried to edit the output style (Citations>Templates) by re-entering “;” in the Multiple citation separator box, to no avail.

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Without the exact style you are using, I am not exactly sure.  If you would attach the style (if edited, it should be in the Style folder in the  Endnote folder in your MyDocuments)  then we could look for the errant space


Here is the style file.



UQAM Ouranos.ens (37.7 KB)

okay,  fixed in attached.  It was a bit more tricky, as the cited pages had a space associated with them, and if no pages were cited, the space was retained anyway.  Added the correct link adjacent and forced separation characters to fix the problem.  Open the attached as save - then be certain to change to this output style in the manuscript in word on the endnote toolbar/ribbon  (not in Endnote program).  Let me know if it works!

UQAM-Ouranos[2].ens (31.8 KB)

Worked like a charm! Thank you so much Leanne!

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