Removing paragraphs between reference groups

Hello, community.

We need to format the bibliography so that each new reference starts from a new line without any spaces between lines, now I have situation as at first GIF file with two troubles.

  1. There is an interval after the first reference in each references group (between 1a and 1b for example), which I do not know how to remove.

  2. And also need to remove paragraph between reference groups. Current biblography was made by adding of “paragraph” and “tab” to each reference type in the bibliography layout (GIF 2), so appearance of paragraph between reference groups is obvious. But how to avoid this paragraph before next reference group of after last reference in previous group? I cant find any suitable setting in the X8.

First case could be fixed by MS Word tools of course, setting zero interval in “after” field in Paragraph settings. But decision of second case to remove paragraps manually is really unconvinient.