Repeat citations troubles in end notes.

Hello all,

First time posting - I tried to find an answer in previous posts, but was unsuccessful. 

I am using Windows 7, EndNote x4, Microsoft Word 2007. 

My school prescribes using Turabian, Endnotes only. 

For repeated consecutive citations, they want the 2nd citation to be numbered consecutively, and structured as “Ibid., page X”. 

For example:  “Acid rain is really bad.1  It causes damage to things.2” would look as follows:

1.  Smith, Joe.  Journal of Acid rain, 2009, p. 3.

2.  Ibid., p. 4

All I can get it to do now, when I insert the 2nd citation, it numbers it #1 again. 

For non-consecutive repeat citation, they again want the consecutive numbering, and “Last name, short title, page x”. 

Any clue on how to do this?  I’m currently converting the final to text, and editing manually.  Painful.  thoughts?  The only info I can find is on Footnotes, and I don’t think it applies. 


This is what I have so far, as a solution, but tell me if there are better ways. 

  1. I insert my endnotes using Microsoft Word’s insert endnote function

  2. In the endnote text itself, that’s where I insert a citation from EndNote x4. 

  3. When I update citations, they are numbered correctly, and Ibid now appears (because I programmed that in my Style in EndNote x4). 

I also figured out the short form feature, and that’s working for non-consecutive subsequent references.  Inserting page numbers is easy.

Only weird thing - EndNote x4 is still making a bibliography, in addition to the one that Microsoft Word is making.  I can easily delete it before turning in the papers, but is there a way to turn this off? 

Is this the most efficient work-around I am going to find?


Delete any of the bibliography templates from the style, and save as, and reformat with that new style.

Thanks for the suggestion.  I tried doing that, but found It didn’t work.  What did work though was unclicking the box next to “Include citations in bibliography” under Footnotes, template. 

When I re-formatted the citations, it didn’t generate a 2nd bibliography.

Seems my workaround is complete.

It also seems EndNote is stronger on Footnotes, than it is on Endnotes.  Why would they keep the product weak in this regard?

I’m not sure if it matters to many people.  As a physician, most medical/scientific articles don’t require this - they are relatively easy to format.  I’m in a specific non-medical distance learning grad school, and they insist on this style.  c’est la vie.

any other thoughts/suggestions are most welcome.



glad you found that much more convenient setting.  - but if you deleted the templates, that should have worked too - but you have to make sure that the manuscript uses the revised output style. 

Thanks Leanne.  Nobody else has responded, so either this problem is rare, or I’ve already found the right work-around. 

When I was inserting EndNote citations directly into the body of my text, why doesn’t the program automatically number it as a new citation, which would then allow me to go in, edit citations, and add a new page number, and would also allow the repeat citations rules to be in effect.  Any clue anyone?  Sure would be nice to do it that way.  The whole point of purchasing a tool like this is to make less work. 

That said, it’s only a few more mouse clicks per referrence, not a big deal.