Title missing from Repeated Citations in Chicago 16th even though in template


I have found what my problem is. It is repeated citations. If it is not a consecutive citation and I just need the short form template, the title does not appear in the short form template in footnotes, even though it is set to appear (I have checked). What should I do? Are there other styles that use footnotes? 

Thanks in advance

Please make sure you are using the current release, EndNote X7.7. This issue should be fixed in that release.

I am though. 

It says X7.7 (Bld 9832)

It is a 30 day version though and I have 23 days left. My laptop has died on me and I am using a replacement one and I have misplaced my license number, but should this make a difference? 

What else could cause this? 


If you downloaded and installed the trial version on the replacement computer there shouldn’t be issues unless perhaps a compatibility problem. What version of MS Word are you using and are you on a PC or Mac? If PC what version of Windows are you running; if Mac what version of the operating system are you using?

Refer to the Endnote compatibility support page for information: http://endnote.com/product-details/compatibility


Ok I think it was much simpler than that. Everything was set up correctly, it’s just that I have just noticed in templates the following option "When using the short form, include the title field only when needed to disambiguate a citation’, which was ticked as a default in my case. I unticked it and voila!!! Everything running smoothly now :) 

Thanks !