How do I change Repeated Citation which has incorrect format Author, "Short Title," Name of Database?

Hello–I am using EndNote X2 [Bld 3210] with Word 2003 on Windows XP.

For the Chicago 15th Footnote style, my repeated citations for journal articles that I have accessed through a database provided by the University are coming into my Word document as

Author, “Short Title,” Name of Database.

I don’t know why Name of Database is being included. In addition to everything else, I tested the single quotes around the field code which eliminated it (of course the original citation now says ‘Name of Database’!).

I saw that someone who was switching from ProCite asked about editting the Short Form of a Reference information but I didn’t see a reply to that particular comment. 

I have attached Print Screens of the Repeated Citation setting and the Output Style information I am trying.

Thank you for any help.
Repeated Citation Screen when Editing Output Style.JPG

A further update: (I can’t seem to leave this alone–I keep trying different things!) :slight_smile:

With the Name of Database field name included in the output style I get the incorrect repeated citation of:

Durie, “Understanding Health and Illness,” 25, Oxford Journals.

When I take the Name of Database field name out (even though there are other field names after it), I get the correct output of:

Durie, “Understanding Health and Illness,” 25.

Is there something different about the Name of Database field? 

Must stop obsessing about this and get on with the actual writing of the paper!

Me again–ok not REALLY an obsession just looks like it. I have spent some time on the paper since yesterday.

I tried rearranging the order of the fields to put Name of Database later in the string (not right after the Cited Pages even though that is where it should be in the final version). Endnote ignores the intervening fields (leaves them out in the final output) but then still includes Name of Database.

Still getting:

Durie, “Understanding Health and Illness”, 25, Oxford Journals.

Has anyone else had this happen? Is anyone using Chicago 15th Footnotes? Is there a work around for this? 


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I’ve been able to replicate this behaviour. It looks like a bug to me.

The manual and help screens tell you that a repeat citation for a footnote style will only contain the author and the cited pages, plus the title/short title, if the output style has been configured to include that field.

I think you should refer this question to Technical Support.


Thank you very much for your help John. I will forward it as you suggest.

Here is the message I got back:

Thank you for your inquiry.

I have been able to reproduce the same behavior. I modified the output style to add the name of the database to the Footnote template.

It seems that if the style is set to use the title or short title for repeated citations the name of database field is also included. This is an issue that will have to be reported to the developers.

At this time the only solution is to edit the formatted footnote to delete the field. This would have to be done at the very end of the process when it is no longer necessary to use EndNote to format the bibliography.

Well, I am using EndNote X3.0.1 and having the same problem.  Apparently, it still needs to be fixed.