RTF scan: only year, not author



I am using OpenOffice Writer 3.1 for Mac. The Endnote Cite While You Write feature is not supported for the Mac version of Writer. Therefore I paste temporary references in the OpenOffice document (eg {Garud,2002 #22, pp. 22-23}) manually and use the ‘Format paper’ function in Endnote to replace these temporary references by the actual references. I have not figured out yet how to add a temporary reference that does not including the author’s name. This would be useful for a reference like this: Yin (2009, pp. 23-25) argues… {2002 #22, pp. 22-23} does not work because Endnote needs the name of the author to identify the reference.


Thanks a lot



Try {, 2002 #22, pp. 22-23}

Hi John

Thanks a lot. Your reply solved my problem.