SABR Style -- requires Chicago and sequential numbering of citations

I am writing a chapter for SABR (Society for American Baseball Research), and their style guide says to use Chicago, but also “Numbers must be used consecutively and each number can be used only once.”  

Chicago style doesn’t do this – if a citation is repeated, it uses the same number to refer to the source, while SABR is saying that the same citation used multiple times would have separate citatiion numbers in text, and then use ibid or op cit. 

How do I edit the style to achieve this?

Sorry for what I am sure is a basic question for many folks.

Sounds to me as if you should be using a footnote style, which requires that you put the footnote in with MSWord and then insert the citation into the footnote.  There is a Chicago 16th footnote that is probably what you need to be using?